We are known for our famous Blueberry Donuts. They are hot and fresh starting at 9:00pm! We also serve other donuts and delicious breakfast croissant sandwiches.

One croissant sandwich to try that’s not on the menu is the Works( sausage, ham, egg, bacon, and cheese with choice of jalapeños). All of our ingredients are fresh and these sandwiches are made to order.

Get here early to avoid any long lines, especially in the late night hours.

m and m donuts outside

Blueberry donuts lives up to the hype y’all! They come fresh out of the fryer so let them cool down for a couple minutes before indulging in the deliciousness. I learned my lesson after burning my tongue 🙁 but that didn’t stop me from eating more! They don’t look like anything special, but trust me (and almost everyone else on this yelp page) it’s definitely worth the “trouble” to get them.

Blueberry donuts – fresh, hot, and crispy. Best eaten while still warm – they’re still good once they’re cold, but nothing compared to when they’re hot and crispy! ($1/donut)


I’ve been coming here for a long time now and they never disappoint. The man there making the donuts is a kind man that tries his hardest to keep up with the demand of his highly sought after blueberry donuts so there is going to be a wait!

I came an hour before opening and waited in the drive thru for about 15 minutes. The wait doesn’t bother me because I know what I’m getting myself into when I come. The blueberry donuts are a must try when it’s fresh out the pizza box, so delicious! A crunchy, sugary exterior with a cakey interior. There’s not too many blueberries inside the donuts but you can taste them throughout.

Would I come back and wait 1-2 hours again? Of course! I’ve already been back multiple times!


These are the best blueberry donuts I have ever tasted. They aren’t too sweet, which makes them perfect. I also want to apologize to the lady who was taking our order during the drive through. I was making a stupid joke with a friend sitting next to me and I think she might of thought I was referring to her. Anyways, heavenly donuts with that extra oomph; they just might make you pause and take a moment to appreciate them.


Long time donut lover here, this establishment has the best blueberry donuts! I’ve been to sidecar, glazed donut bar, donut bar, zombie donuts and if you enjoy a truly good blueberry donut, you need to visit here. The establishment is small like a locksmith shop with a drive through and a front desk. This is a place for those who truly love good quality blueberry donuts. It’s made to order so they are very fresh. The taste is absolutely mind blowing.It’s thick, crispy, warm, moist and lightly sweet! The glaze is hot and wet.. so expect some glaze residue. The donuts are average size and average to the appearance, but it’s the inside that counts.Each donut is only a dollar!!

Keep in mind to expect a long wait! At least a 45 minute wait. No seatings,but there are places to stand around. There’s an absurd amount of parking in this area. A good suggestion is to not park where drive through cars may be waiting because it could be difficult to get out. You can either wait outside in the cold and have a chat with your friends or watch Netflix in the car.

I would always come back here and it’s always worth the cheat day meal.

Taste            5.0/5.0
Aesthetics   3.5/5.0
Freshness    5.0/5.0
Parking         5.0/5.0
Seating         0.0/5.0
Size               3.0/5.0
Price              $. 1$ per donut


The line was as crazy as I remembered it to be the last time I came here a year ago. It was so long last time that I decided to leave, but this time I stuck around in the drive thru line. Both lines were around the same length of time. When you choose to go to the drive thru, you get to be in the comfort of your own car.

Of course I came here for the blueberry donuts! They are always so consistent with the taste. It is as good as I remember it to be. The man that works there is super sweet, and it takes so long because each batch comes out fresh. You get your donuts hot out of the oven, which is more than anyone can ask for. The way it crumbles is just amazing. The man also gave me an extra donut. Maybe cause he felt bad for me since I was alone. Definitely worth the wait.


I’ve been hearing about these coveted blueberry donuts for years, but really didn’t believe the hype until I finally tried these bad boys out myself. The blueberry donuts here are unlike the typical cake ones you get at most donut shops. Instead, M&M’s version is a cake donut with noticeable pieces of blueberries throughout that’s then topped off with a smooth sugary glaze, which is then deep fried just enough to give the entire donut this crispy crunch, which is literally perfection!

We came here around 10am on a weekend and didn’t have to wait in line at all, plus there were plenty of blueberry donuts and they were WARM, which just made the experience even more outstanding! I am definitely a believer, which is saying a lot, considering I didn’t even like blueberry donuts before I tried these. Prices are also reasonable, as one blueberry donut is $1 each, but there are no price breaks for buying larger quantities. They have other donuts and muffins, but honestly…why even bother?! They didn’t look very appealing anyway. Also, their cold brew is pricey and sour, so I would recommend skipping it…but definitely don’t skip the blueberry donuts!!! Oh, and try to bring cash if you can, as they charge an extra fee to use a credit card!


You’re going to have to check the times that they’re open since they open and close on different days. Try to come early so that you don’t have to wait in a long line and be one of the first customers that they serve. They also have a drive-thru, so if you don’t want to park and wait standing outside, the best way for this is just to sit in your car and wait in line there.

They’re known for their blueberry donuts, which in my opinion are one of the best that I’ve ever had. The donuts don’t taste super sweet and they’re really delicious. If you’ve never had a blueberry donut from here, you’re definitely missing out. Be prepared to wait in line if you come after their open time, it’ll probably be around 20-30 minutes since it’s a small mom&pop shop and they’re working as fast as they can to help serve as many people at once.

The blueberry donuts are $1 each, so go for the dozen. Once they come out in the box, they’re super fresh and warm. I’d wait about 5 minutes before having one so it cools down a bit, but once you take your first bite it’s super warm and moist. I like to take it home and eat it with milk since they go super well together.

Overall, I haven’t had the chance to try the other donuts because I’ve been solely focused on getting the blueberry ones. Other than that, I would definitely recommend coming here to try a blueberry donut if you haven’t yet.